Quit smoking now with guaranteed results or your money back within first half of your session.  You have tried everything from patches to sheer will power, yet you keep going back to that habit, killing yourself slowly over the years. If you are lucky you will have a massive heart attack, otherwise it can be stretched to years of suffering with lung disease, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.   Every Cigarette you smoke is taking one step closer to your death bed to point where you will struggle to take that one last breath until the doctors decide to pull the life support from you.

 You are sabotaging your success by taking away hours from your day spent at smoking.  Your family members perhaps are paying even higher price than you as they want to look up to you but can’t.  Price of a pack of cigarette can cost up to 18 dollars a pack in New York City, costing you over 8,000 to 20,000 a year.   Have you ever wondered how much money you have spent since you started smoking. Perhaps you have smoked for 10 years or 40 years spending over 100,000 dollars investing in your own death process.  Its not too late, starting immediately  you can start saving money and by this time next year you can choose to give yourself over 20,000 dollars.

Perhaps you started at a young age when you had plenty of time and smoking gave you a sense of socializing but do you ever find yourself smoking alone away from everyone else now?  It takes an average of 6 to 8 mins a cigarette to finish.  Most people also spend the time to walk away from their work or family while enduring extreme temperature outdoors.  A pack a day will cost you one hour and two packs a day will cost you over two hours.  If you have spent 15 years smoking pack a day, you spent 10,800 hours smoking non-stop.   They say it takes 10,000 hours to master anything, what would you do master in the next 15 years with 10,800 hours, when you quit smoking now?

 You can also give yourself and your family a much deserved break when you quit smoking now.  You can be around to see the best version of you flourish.  Imagine kicking that habit to the curb and never picking up a pack of cigarette, after one session.  Hypnosis is a safe and non invasive practice.  Imagine being free from this habit forever in less than 2 hours.  Over 95% of clients quit smoking after one session, and rarely anyone comes back for a second session.  Typical sessions usually last about 2 hours for smoking cessation.  Imagine being the best version of you in the future who can save tons of money, be around for your family and get to enjoy an amazing healthy life.  Take control of your life now and give yourself the gift of life.  Call now before its too late.