SuccessSuccess is different for everyone.  We each have our own definition of what it means to be successful.  For some the success is tied directly to money.   For some it is tied to will power.  And sometimes, success is simply being able to breathe.

As a hypnotist, I work with many clients looking to achieve personal success.  Recently, I was working with a client who came to me with a problem he defined as a fear of success.

Finding the Cause

After speaking with the client while he was in a trance  we were able to narrow down the issue to a specific event in his childhood.  As a child he needed this “fear” to keep him safe and protected.  However, that fear of success had not been serving his interest for over thirty years.  In fact, it was quite the opposite.

Digging Deeper

His fear of success had been keeping him from living the life he dreamed of.  Every time he earned the financial freedom he was looking for, his unconscious mind told him he didn’t deserve it. His mind told that something bad would happen if he found success in his career.  My client kept taking the advise from his unconscious mind that “success” would bring him down.  Throughout his lifetime, every time he succeeded financially he would unconsciously sabotage his own success.  Furthermore, he would blame himself for it without investigating the reason for it.  He would label himself as a “loser” and “impotent.” Thus taking on this new identity took him on a downward spiral to the point he decided to come see me.

Finding Success Through Hypnosis

My work was cut out at this point.  An event real or perceptual can continue to ruin our lives for a lifetime without us being ever being consciously aware of it.  It can leave a mark on us even though it’s sole purpose was to protect us with a lesson.  In this case the client was called a stupid loser and  told he was useless by his teacher when he was a child.  He had been living his entire life since that event based on that one angry outburst from his teacher while being completely unaware of it.
Luckily for him we were able to revisit that experience under hypnosis.  Through hypnosis the client took all the life lessons of success over thirty years and re visited the younger self to give himself the courage, knowledge, love and compassion to make it through that experience inside his mind.
After he came out of hypnosis as he had no emotional attachment to the event from his childhood.  Instead, thoughts about the teacher berating him have the same effect of recalling what he had for breakfast yesterday.
He walked out of my office with a gift of a new life.  He described being unstoppable in his career.  He immediately knew what he needed to do to achieve financial freedom to a new extent because there was nothing holding him back anymore.
If you are being held back by limiting thoughts, call today and schedule an appointment to discuss how hypnosis can help you.